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We will introduce you to airsoft in details!


Airsoft is a sport in which parties shoot at each other with airsoft guns, the ammunition for which are plastic bullets. Bullets are not dangerous to human, but, if hit, can cause surface damage on exposed skin. Confession of defeat - on your conscience! The structure of the game does not impose any restrictions, all depends on your imagination and the possibility of the environment. With our help, you can make your birthday, corporate event or holiday with friends, memorable and full of adrenaline.

How is everything going?

Simply. On the battlefield, fighters shoot at each other with 6 mm plastic bullets. If you felt or heard that a bullet hit you, then you declare yourself dead, clearly informing other fighters, lie down or shout “shot” / “died” / etc.

After declaring a hit, the player must act in accordance with the rules agreed- to remain dead in place or return to the death zone in order to return to battle after the agreed time. If any of the fighters does not comply with the agreed rules or repeatedly misses the shots, the organizer or instructor must be notified immediately and the necessary measures taken.


There is a universal rule when using devices that could harm you or other people - Do not touch anything until you receive the appropriate instructions. Also, an equally important rule is that any instructor’s order must be executed immediately, and without the instructor’s order you are not doing anything! Follow these rules and your safety is guaranteed!

About Weapons

Airsoft Weapon - in appearance and functionality is almost an exact copy of real weapon. Thus, airsoft can be used as a training tool for simulating battles for the military and the police. The weapon fires in both single and automatic modes, magazines are removable.

We have to offer electric and gas airsoft guns.

Electric weapons are powered by reliable lithium polymer batteries. The battery rotates the electric motor, which, in turn, drives the compressor mechanism, consisting of three gears, a spring, a piston, a cylinder and a nozzle. This mechanism makes a 6 mm plastic bullet to move when exposed by air. The speed of a bullet is determined by the characteristics of the spring. Different springs can give a plastic bullet weighing 0.20 g, speed from 85 m / s to 190 m / s, which is practically not used.

Our weapons fire bullets weighing 0.20 g to 120 m / s, which is considered safe in airsoft and sports. This means that if you get hit from a distance of a couple of meters or less, it will not cause you serious injury, and any wounds or bruises will heal without serious scars or deformities.

Gas air guns are usually powered by a propane cylinder or co2 capsule. Often, gas creates a realistic feeling of blowback. The speed of fire is similar to electric weapons, only plastic bullets are used!